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AOL USERS: The Web Crawler (AOL Browser) is NOT compatible with our video! To get in on all the action, you must download Netscape 2.2 or higher. To get a free copy of Netscape, please click here or call All Models.

If you are experiencing any other difficulties, and you are sure that you are using Netscape 2.2 or higher, please call our Tech Support Line at All Models, or outside North America call USA All Models.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I was approved to enter the show, but I'm not using Netscape Navigator - what should I do to enter the show?

2. The message says Java Script needed, contact support - what now?

3. I'm using Netscape with Java Script enabled and it still won't let me in, even though I know I have a valid username and password. What else could be causing this?

4. Is there another way to Purchase Time other than with a credit card over the web?

5. Problems with Java in Netscape Communicator, trouble enabling java or java script with Communicator?

6. Can I use my time in any of the 5 services?

7. Can I save my time and use it later or must I use it all in one session?


If you are having any other difficulties with your account, please feel free to Email us at


1. Netscape Navigator (version 2.03 or higher) is needed for the live video. If you are not running Netscape Navigator and you have never downloaded it before, you need to follow these instructions for a free download of Netscape Navigator:

  • The Navigator will not interfere with Internet Explorer in any way and both may be used at the same time. Download Navigator version 4.03 stand alone from the Netscape page at:
  • When you click to download, the computer will ask you what to do with the file -
    Save the file to the disk and write down the name of the directory where your computer saves this file.
  • After the download is complete, disconnect from the web and run the file that you've downloaded by clicking on Start, Run and then browse for the file you've downloaded. The file you need to run is named n32e403.exe (note: if you downloaded other than the 4.3 stand alone the file name will be different but something similar). This will install the program Netscape Navigator onto your computer as a program file. Once installation is complete, reconnect to the web and run the program file called Netscape Navigator and you will be ready to enter the show.

If you have any questions or difficulties getting the Netscape Navigator, our tech support line is available from 9 AM to 5 AM EST by calling 800-685-9236 (within US) or 617-341-2743 (int'l callers).

2. If you receive an error message about Java Script, this usually indicates that you are not running the Netscape Navigator (if Navigator is running the letter "N" will be visible on the right side of the screen).

  • To run Netscape, click on Start, Program Files, Netscape Navigator. If there is no Navigator program, follow the free download instructions above.
  • If you are running Navigator and you are getting this message, you need to check the java script settings - go to the Netscape Options menu (click on Options once), select Network Preferences, click on Languages and make sure there is a check next to Enable Java Script.

3. Check that your Navigator proxies are set to "No Proxies" by doing the following:

  • Go to the Netscape Options menu.
  • Click on Options once.
  • Click on Network Preferences.
  • Click on the Proxies button in the middle. You should make sure that the "No Proxies" option is selected by clicking next to it.

Are you behind a firewall? If you are on a company computer or any computer which is behind a firewall, you will be unable to receive the live video because the firewall will not let it pass. You should try to circumvent the firewall (this may be done by using a dialup internet provider).

4. To Purchase Time without a credit card, you can mail us a check for any show amount. Just include a photocopy of your photo identification to verify that you are over 18. Make the checks out to NTL Internet and mail to:

  • NTL Internet
    1280A Belmont St. #191
    Brockton, MA 02401
Be sure to include your Email address so that we may notify you of your account details.

5. To enable java script in the communicator, please go through the following 2 steps:

  • Click on edit tool bar and go to preferences on the bottom.
  • Double click on the Advanced folder and set Java buttons as desired.

6. No, we're sorry, but at this time you must purchase time for each service separately.

7. You may use your time over as many sessions you want, until the time has run out. To save your time, simply click on the X in the top right corner and exit the session, or click on change room.


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